2+1 Holter BP intro package

Purchase 2 Holter BP kits and we will give you 1 extra kit for FREE!

Add Meditech ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitors to your facility for better hypertension control and drug treatment! If you purchase 2 ABPM-05 systems now, you will receive a BONUS ABPM-05 kit for FREE.

Your ABPM-05 pays for itself after 10 tests!

ABPM-05 Pros

- extra reliability: meets BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria, recommended by dabl Educational Trust

- silent and undetected during work and sleep

- IP22 water-resistance rating

- you don't need a PC for programming: 3 default measurement plans for manual programming

- ALL-IN software package: free statistics, plots and histograms, free upgrades, free support

24-hour blood pressure Holter

The intro package is offered for first-time buyers only until 30 September 2016.

Ask for prices!