24-hour Blood Pressure Monitors for OEM at MEDICA 2013

Meditech exhibits at MEDICA, one of the world's largest medical equipment fairs between 20 - 23 November in Dusseldorf, Germany. Visitors, who are welcome in hall 9/B78, can view the Meditech 24-hour blood pressure monitor OEM package, which includes not only a simple blood pressure module, but also the freely customizable main unit with accessories and the software.

The risk associated with elevated blood pressure is rather high, as each 2 mmHg rise5 24 hour blood pressure monitors in systolic blood pressure is associated with a 7% increased risk of mortality from coronary heart disease and a 10% increased risk of mortality from stroke. Many studies confirmed that blood pressure measured over a 24-hour period is superior to clinic blood pressure in predicting cardiovascular morbidity.

24-hour (ambulatory) blood pressure monitors are increasingly being used in clinical practices, as they provide information over and above conventional blood pressure monitors. Ambulatory blood pressure monitors show blood pressure profile over a 24-hour period, therefore they make it possible to record more measurements, even at night-time, while the patient is away from medical environment. As a result, not only real blood pressure values are reflected more accurately, but patients with white coat hypertension and patients whose blood pressure does not decrease at night-time - the non-dippers - can also be identified.

Meditech has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing PC-based non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure monitors and related software solutions, which are suitable both for busy general practices and clinical research purposes. The small, EU-based company combines the latest advanced technologies with ease-of-use and simplicity. The company provides CE marked products with FDA market clearance and an ISO certified quality management system. Whether you encounter the original Meditech brand or the unmistakable quality in an OEM product, you will always be satisfied with Meditech 24-hour blood pressure monitors.

For more information visit Meditech at MEDICA in 9/B78 or contact us via mail!