5 Reasons to Use EasyABPM 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor Software

EasyABPM 24-hour blood pressure monitor software has been developed for busy general practices and for all those, who prefer quick and easy solutions instead of complex and time-consuming analysis methods.

With this new software you can easily program your 24 hour blood pressure monitor and print the related user-definable report with only a few clicks.

EasyABPM 24 hour blood pressure monitor software advantages

1. Quick installation, ease of use
Are you fed up with complex and difficult software solutions? No special training is needed for using EasyABPM software which has been developed to offer quick and accurate solutions to satisfy the needs of busy general practices.

2. Simple and quick programming
Selecting the lenght of the blood pressure monitoring period and the frequency of the measurement intervals requires only a few steps.

3. Standard monitoring plans and report settings are available
If you have your favourite 24 hour blood pressure monitoring settings, you don't need to re-type the programming details again and again. This feature will save your time!

4. ABPM abstract
Look at only the most important 24 hour blood pressure monitor statistics available optionally for all, active or passive periods. The 24 hour blood pressure monitor chart will visualize recorded data as well.

5. No running costs
The EasyABPM 24 hour blood pressure monitor software can be installed to several computers and its price is included into the cost of the purchased 24 hour blood pressure monitor system.

Do you want to save your time? Don't hesitate and contact us for more information.

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