Having a Pet May Have a Blood Pressure Lowering Effect

Evidence shows that pet, especially dog ownership can reduce cardiovascular risks.

Researchers say that heart attack patients who have pets survive longer and male pet owners have less sign of heart disease. But there are several other advantages of pet ownership.

Blood Pressure Reduction

A recent study showed that stockbrokers with hypertension, had lower blood pressure after adopting a pet. Researchers don't know the reason, but it is assumed that having someone on your side you can always and unconditionally count on psychologically creates a calming atmosphere.

pets lower blood pressure

More Active Life

Dogs have special benefits here, as dog owners get more physical activity. Dog walking is linked to lower obesity.

The Feeling of Unconditional Support and Love

Deep social connections, having reliable friends, family and community around us, protect our health. As a pet gives unconditional support and love, it also contribute to protect your heart and to lower your cardiovascular risk factors.

Less Risk of Allergies and Asthma

A growing number of evidence shows that kids growing up in a home with furred animals will have less risk of allergies and asthma.

Escaping from Social Isolation

Dogs are great for making love connections.


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