High Blood Pressure is Linked to Early Cognitive Impairment

High blood pressure in middle age has an effect on cognition many years later.

People the age of 80 are the fastest growing demographic in the world, therefore their cognitive functioning and well-being is essential.

The Framingham Heart Study recorded blood pressure from nearly 400 individuals between the age of 50 and 60, then tested their cognitive performance later when they were 80 years or older. Hypertensive middle-aged individuals performed worse on tests of attention and executive function.

As blood pressure affects brain aging, managing hypertension may help to reduce the risk for dementia – a decline in mental ability.
Study demonstrates if blood pressure is not within the normal range at younger age, you should develop a plan to reduce it to normal levels by loosing weight, doing exercises or taking medications.

How to Keep Your Brain Young

- reduce the amount of stress in your life
Emotional Freedom Technique is the one of many different techniques that may help doing so.

- sleep well on regular basis
The lack of restorative sleep can lead to loss of brain volume and may accelerate onset of Alzheimer's disease.

- take exercises
Obesity is linked to cognitive decline

- reduce sugar
Sugar consumption can disrupts your memory.

- eat vegetables
Vegetables are key sources of a wide variety of antioxidants. Eat a variety of dark green and other coloured vegetables.

- eat brain foods
Use coconut oil and eat fish and egg which are full of omega-3 fat.

how to improve your brain health

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