Holter ABPM - Financial Considerations

High blood pressure is a global public health issue, which contributes to the burden of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular risk factors. A Holter ABPM monitor is a more effective, yet a bit more expensive tool in the diagnoses and control of hypertension in comparision to a conventional blood pressure monitor. But the patient benefits will justify additional expense.

There are significant health and economic gains attached to early detection and good control of hypertension. Several years of unnecessary and costly hypertension treatment and expensive interventions such as cardiac bypass surgery or dialysis can be spared. The Holter ABPM technique has a significant role in early and proper diagnosis, as it can take repetative measurements away from medical environment, over a 24-hour period, including nighttime. The latter feature is very important, as there is evidence that nighttime blood pressure values are superior to daytime values in predicting cardiovascular risks.

According to a WHO study almost 80% of deaths due to cardiovascular disease occur in low- and middle-income countries, where many people do not look for treatment for hypertension because it is expensive. However, both the households and the government spend a substantial share of their income on hospitalization and care, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.  Research shows that in certain low- and middle income countries, current health expenditure on cardiovascular diseases accounts for 20% of total health expenditure. The below table shows the economic burden of noncommunicable diseases,  2011-2025 (US$ Trillion in 2008), source: WHO.

 Holter ABPM | Financial Considerations

Holter ABPM - Health & Economic Gains

A Holter ABPM is more expensive than a conventional blood pressure monitor but the adventages to patients justify the additional expense. People with white-coat hypertension are often misdiagnosed with hypertension, however, their blood pressure is elevated only in medical setting. In this case, applying a Holter ABPM may save several years of unnecessary and expensive drug treatment. Likewise, there is compelling evidence that when a Holter ABPM is used as the basis for prescribing medications rather than conventional blood pressure monitor, significantly less antihypertensive medication is prescribed.

Meditech Holter ABPM

Meditech ABPM-05 Holter ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a simple, easy-to-use Holter for diagnosis and control of hypertension. Unique features Meditech Holter ABPMinclude:

1. Dual-valve technology for extra patient safety

2. Stepwise deflation for quick and accurate results

3. Manual device programming for eliminating PC-use

4. Small size

5. Extra low noise and quite operation compared to competitor products



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