Meditech Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors at FIME

Meditech, the EU-based supplier of ambulatory blood pressure monitors and Holter ECG devices successfully presented its product-line at FIME Medical Expo in Miami, Florida in August 2013.

The US medical fair provided an excellent opportunity for exhibiting Meditech PC-based ambulatory blood pressure monitors and Holter ECGcardiovascular monitoring equipment. However mature the US medical market for ambulatory blood pressure montiors and ECG Holter devices is, business development could not be more efficient anywhere else except in the USA. In addition, Miami is a gateway for each company or business that wish to expand its activities and connect with Latin-American markets.

Latin-American markets are still expected to grow in 2013, therefore opportunities for medical equipment suppliers are exists as well. Brazil is the most significant medical market – Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors are already available there -, followed by Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Chile: countries which have much more to offer for suppliers which are specialised in manufacuring ambulatory blood pressure monitors. This region is expected to remain steady this year as well, except for Venezuela, the country which is badly affected by weakening local currency.


About ambulatory blood pressure monitors

Ambulatory blood pressure monitors provide several advantages over conventional office bloodMeditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors pressure meters. With ambulatory blood pressure monitors it is possible to:

- monitor the patient's blood pressure over a 24-hour period of time,
- monitor the patient's blood pressure even at night-time for identifying non-dipper patients,
- record more and repeated blood pressure measurements for accurate diagnosis,
- monitor the patient's blood pressure away from medical environment for identifying patients with white-coat hypertension.

Therefore ambulatory blood pressure monitors are much better predictors of cardiovascular mobidity than traditional office blood pressure meters.

Meditech – the supplier of quality ambulatory blood pressure monitors

Meditech focuses on the supply of PC-based cardiovascular devices and develops ambulatory blood pressure monitors and Holter ECG devices that helps improving health. Meditech product portfolio consists of:

- ambulatory blood pressure monitors
- Holter ECG equipment
- combined ambulatory blood pressure monitors and Holter ECG equipment
- ECG event recorders

If you are looking for quality ambulatory blood pressure monitor sor Holter ECG devices at affordable price, contact Meditech. Significant discounts are available for new customers!