Save cost by using a 24-hour ABPM

The 24-hour ABPM technique is being increasingly used in clinical practices nowadays, becuase ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides data over and above traditional office or home blood pressure measurement. At first sight using a 24-hour ABPM may seem to be more expensive than simple office or home blood pressure meters, but additional expenses will be refunded in long term.

Why the 24-hour ABPM technique is so popular?

A 24-hour ABPM provides more and more detailed information about the hypertensive patient's condition, something which a traditional home or office blood pressure meters is incapable of. The most significant advantage of the 24-hour ABPM technique is being able to monitor the patient's blood pressure outside clinical environment. Monitoring the patient while daily activities are carried out is important because medical environment can be the source of anxiety and stress.

White coat hypertension means when the office blood pressure, taken in clinical environment, is above 140/90 mmHg, while the average daytime blood pressure taken by a 24-hour ABPM is normal, that is it is below 135/85 mmHg. Around 15-30% of people who show elevated blood pressure measured in the doctor's office have white coat hypertension.

Besides being able to filter the 'white coat effect', the 24-hour ABPM provides repeated blood pressure measurements over a longer period (up to 51 hours) at night-time as well. In this case real blood pressure is reflected more accurately which support better diagnosis and a more effective hypertension treatment. Therefore a 24-hour ABPM is a much more significant predictor of cardiovascular mortality than any other traditional blood pressure meter.

How can you save cost by using the 24-hour ABPM technique?

Using a 24-hour ABPM can reduce costs. On one hand, the 24-hour ABPM technique constributes to the more effective prescribe of anti-hypertensive drugs which will improve the patient's health by avoiding unnecessary drug use and dangerous side-effects.

On the other hand, the 24-hour ABPM technique is a refundable procedure in many countries, which means that the medical professionals can receive a certain amount after each ABPM test.
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