Standards for Ambulatory BP Monitoring

As ambulatory BP monitoring has become overwhelmingly popular nowadays, the Italian Society of Hypertension has released a new paper on the minimum requirements of a standard ambulatory BP report.

According to the paper, the following items are needed to make the report more interpretable and independent from the ambulatory BP monitor and software:

- a list of each single BP reading
- graphical display of individual BP readings and BP hourly average values
- the mean, minimum and maximum BP values
- standard deviations of BP and HR values for 24 hour
- daytime and nighttime, day-night BP differences
- BP loads

The standard ambulatory BP report should contain:

- a judgment on the overall quality of the 24-hour BP monitoring
- an indicator whether average 24 hour, daytime and night-time systolic and diastolic BP values are within or above the normal limits
- a description of the 24-hour pattern of BP fluctuations
- final general statement on the normotensive or hypertensive status and on the degree of BP control

Meditech ambulatory BP monitors

For 25 years, Meditech has been one of the leading manufacturers of ambulatory BP monitors and software solutions.

Our amulatory BP family includes:

- ABPM-05, the Bluetooth-capable BlueBP-05 and ABPM-04 – the 5. and 4. generation of ambulatory BP monitors.
- apneABP, the combination of an ambulatory BP monitor and a pulse oximeter
- card(X)plore, the combination of an ambulatory BP monitor and a Holter ECG