Street Food May Increase Hypertension

Chinese food, Indian curries, kebabs, hot dogs, hamburgers – street food is eaten by nearly 2.5bn people daily worldwide, but latest research shows that eating out can increase the risk of hypertension - at least among Southeast Asian individuals.


Study Details

Number of participants: 501 street food increases high blood pressure

Country of origin of participants: Singapore

Age of participants: 18-40

Assessed factors: blood pressure, body mass index, physical activity routine, lifestyle, frequency of eating out.

Conclusions: the 27.4% of participants had pre-hypertension.

What Makes You More Likely to Get Hypertension or Pre-Hypertension

- Smoking
- Eating out frequently
Eating one meal out of home per week increases the risk of developing pre-hypertension by 6%. One of the possible reasons is increased salt consumption.
- High body mass index
- Physical inactivity

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

A leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure leads to the heart's decreased ability to pump blood, which in serious cases can result in heart failure, heart attack, kidney failure or stroke.

Hypertension Facts

- nearly 29% of American adults have high blood pressure
- nearly 29% of Americans adults have pre-hypertension – blood pressure numbers higher than normal but not yet in the hypertensive range
- only 50% of people with high blood pressure have this condition under control
- high blood pressure treatment costs $46 billion per year only in the USA


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