Tender winning ABPM-05 Holter BP Monitor

It is our pleasure to announce that Meditech has won a tender for 3500 pieces of ABPM-05 Holter BP monitor devices in India.

Indian physicians are convinced of the quality and reliability of Meditech blood pressure devices, therefore they have opted for Meditech ABPM-05 Holter BP monitor against several important international competitors.

Meditech Ltd. is an expert in manufacturing PC-based Holter BP monitor and ECG devices, which are used for long-term blood pressure or ECG recording away from clinical environment while the patient's daily activities are carried on. Holter monitoring is indespensible for detecting the background of cardiac irregularities. Holter monitoring has 2 basic areas: BP and ECG monitoring.

Holter BP monitor devices are being used increasingly in clinical practices worldwide, because these small and portable devices provide information over and above conventional blood pressure meters.

Main Holter BP Monitor Advantages

- More blood pressure measurements are taken, more information is provided on the patient's condition.
- Blood pressure is taken away from medical environment, in this way, using a Holter BP monitor support the identification of patients with white coat hypertension.

In case of white coat hypertension, the office blood pressure is above 140/90 mmHg, which is high, while the average daytime blood pressure taken by a Holter BP monitor is normal, that is it is below 135/85 mmHg. Around 15-30% of people who show elevated blood pressure measured in the doctor's office have white coat hypertension.

- Blood Pressure is taken over a 24-hour period.
- Blood Pressure is taken even a night, allowing the identification of non-dippers, patients whose blood pressure does not decraese at night.

By choosing the right Holter BP monitor, it is important to consider whether an independent clinical validation stands at disposal. Meditech ABPM-05 Holter BP monitor has both BHS and AAMI validation and it has FDA approval as well. For more information, please, contact Meditech!