Unique ABPM Blood Pressure Monitors

The Measure of Quality

There are many ABPM blood pressure monitors on the market, but finding the right supplier with the best product is not easy. Most purchasers consider price and quality as most important ranking factors before buying an ABPM blood pressure monitor, but finding a 'realistic' definition of quality is really difficult. Do indepent clinical validations ensure quality? Certainly yes, but Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors have more to offer.

 Why Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors are different?

1. Extremely Safe Dual-valve Technique

Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors are extremely reliable devices thanks to their accurate and careful development. Unlike in case of other competitor products, Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors are offered with extremely reliable dual-valve technique. The operating valve module and the independent, automatic pressure release valve provides extreme safety and convenience, as staying under cuff-pressure is simply ruled out.

2. Quick and Noise-free Stepwise Deflation Technique

Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors can carry out partial measurement repeats making it possible to present noise-free and quick blood pressure measurements for better convenience and more reliable monitoring results.

Using ABPM blood pressure monitors is being increasingly widespread for routine clinical practice as well. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is extremely useful in evaluating the patient with variable blood pressure readings, as ABPM blood pressure monitors provide information over and above conventional office blood pressure meters. Patients' blood pressure can be taken away from clinical environment, which ensures better reliability because blood pressure is taken during normal and routine daily activities. Besides, blood pressure is taken automatically over a 24-hour period, in this way night-time blood pressure is also recorded making it possible to identify non-dippers, high-risk patients whose blood pressure does not reduce at nighttime.

Meditech ABPM blood pressure monitors provide accuracy, convenience and reliable hypertension management. The ABPM product-line includes the basic product, ABPM-04, the next generation ABPM-05 and its Bluetooth-version BlueBP-05.