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High blood pressure is largely a symptomless condition

A 24 hour ABPM is an indispensable tool for the diagnosis and management of hypertension

Unlike conventional blood pressure monitors, a 24 hour ABPM provides more accurate and reliable information on your blood pressure values, therefore it can save many years of unnecessary and expensive hypertension treatment.

According to a recent WHO study, high blood pressure affects more than one in three adults and leads to death of about nine million people worldwide every year.

Hypertension does not necessarily cause symptoms, therefore it is called as the "silent killer", but it is the main risk factor of heart attack and stroke

Why ABPM technique is recommended instead of conventional blood pressure measurements?

1. Longer monitoring period ABPM-05 ambulatory BP monitor

24 hour ABPM is indispensable tool to provide a more detailed picture of the hypertensive or hypotensive patient’s condition, as it takes blood pressure measurements over a 24 or 48 hour period at defined intervals. 

2. More blood pressure measurements

Real blood pressure numbers are reflected more precisely if repeated measurements are taken.

3. Outside clinical environment

The use of a 24 hour ABPM can identify patients with white coat hypertension, when blood pressure increases when it is measured in medical environment by a medical professional.

4. To asses anti-hypertensive drug treatment

The efficacy of the applied hypertension treatment can be assessed more accurately by using an ABPM, because this technique allows the doctor to have a more detailed, 24-hour look at the patient’s condition.

5. To identify non-dippers

As 24 hour ABPM records blood pressure even at night time, it can identify non-dippers, patients whose blood pressure doesn’t reduce at night time.

Wearing a 24 hour ABPM has several advantages and it does not really influence your daily routine: the device itself is carried in a small pouch, which is attached to your belt, and its silent operation will not cause any inconvenience either.