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Are you looking for quality 24 hour blood pressure monitors from the EU?

Purchase directly from the manufacturer with quick delivery at reasonable price!

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is indispensable in the management and diagnosis of hypertension. The technique is increasingly used in general practices as well. Meditech manufactures excellent quality 24 hour blood pressure monitors for more than 20 years. Accurate operation, quick production and fast delivery are guaranteed worldwide. For more information please read the 24 hour ABPM technical specifications.

As a medical equipment distributor, why should you work with Meditech?

1. Increasing demand, no purchasing risks ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor

High blood pressure affects more than one in three adults, therefore using 24 hour blood pressure monitors is becoming popular worldwide. Meditech 24 hour blood pressure monitors are validated to both BHS (British Hypertension Society) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) criteria. These independent clinical validations prove the accuracy and the reliability of Meditech Holter ABPM monitors.

2. Long-life 24 hour blood pressure monitors

Meditech Ltd. does not cooperate with any low-quality medical device component manufacturers. Therefore, it offers 2- or optionally 3-year warranty for its 24 hour blood pressure monitors.

3. International Holter ABPM reference list

Meditech works with medical device distributors, OEM partners, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals worldwide. International reference list is available on request.

4. Professional support and service

Each support and service query is dealt with professionalism. Meditech provides free remote or local installation, after sales support and service training.

5. Quick delivery

Delivery time of 24 hour blood pressure monitors is 1 week in general.

6. Reasonable price

Meditech Ltd. is certainly not the cheapest medical equipment manufacturer possible, but it does provide excellent quality and easy-to-use 24 hour blood pressure monitors within reach.

Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors

The Meditech 24 hour blood pressure monitor product line includes ABPM-05, the Bluetooth-capable BlueBP-05 and the core product, ABPM-04. Each device records ambulatory blood pressure up to 51 hours and stores more than 600 readings. Although blood pressure measurements are taken automatically according to preset intervals, the patient can start extra readings and mark any events manually.

Read more about the 24 hour blood pressure monitor line.