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Meditech 24 hr Blood Pressure Monitor line

ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 and ABPM-04 24 hr Blood Pressure Monitor Equipment

Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor line includes ABPM-05, its Bluetooth-capable version BlueBP-05 and the basic ABPM-04.

Each 24 hr blood pressure monitor operates silently and reliably and measures not only systolic and diastlic BP with HR but also presents other important blood pressure indexes such as diurnal index, hyperbaric impact, percent time elevation (PTE). Meditech ABPM devices store more than 600 readings and operate up to 51 hours.

24 hr blood pressure monitor measurements are taken automatically according to preset intervals, which can be in every 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 60 minutes, but measurements can also be initiated by the patient as well.

Unique Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor features

The unique stepwise deflation and dual-valve technology make a real difference!

Each Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor works with stepwise deflation technology. In case of necessity this technique makes it possible to repeat measurements on different blood pressure deflation levels, which results in shorter blood pressure measurements and higher patient comfort.

Maximum patient safety is ensured by the dual-valve technology. Unlike in case of competitor products, double valves guarranty the smooth and safe operation of the device. In each Meditech 24 hr blood pressure monitor an operating valve module and an independent, automatic pressure release valve provide patient safety and comfort as injuries resulting from staying long time under high cuff-pressure is simply impossible.

ABPM-05 & BlueBP-05 24 hr blood pressure monitor

Main differences between ABPM-05, BlueBP-05 and ABPM-04 24 hr blood pressure monitor

ABPM-05 and its Bluetooth-version, BlueBP-05 special features:

1. large LCD screen for easy read of data

2. light weight and small size for better patient comfort

3. day-night shift for easy differentiation of daytime and nightime measurements

ABPM-05 has special manual programming, which makes it possible to programme the 24 hr blood pressure monitor without using the software and the PC.

The blood pressure monitors can be programmed and recorded measurements can be analysed either by CardioVisions or by EasyABPMblood pressure management software, both of which can be installed and maintained on several personal computers free, without registration. While CardioVisions is compatible with other Meditech Holter ECG monitors and event recorders, EasyABPM has been developed specifically for managing ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM-05 and ABPM-04) only.

Technical specifications

Parameters ABPM-05 BlueBP-05 ABPM-04
validations ANSI/AAMI, BHS
measurement method oscillometric
dimensions 98*69*29 mm 124*82*33,5 mm
weight (excl. battery) 190 g 250 g
BP range 30 - 260 mmHg
HR range 40 - 200 bpm
sampling periods 4 (morning, day, night, special)
time intervals 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60
data transfer USB cable Bluetooth USB or serial cable
storage capacity 600 measurements
operating hours up to 51 hours
power consumption 2 AA batteries 4 AA batteries
display LCD
conformity certificates CE, FDA CE CE, FDA


Each 24 hr blood pressure monitor has CE mark, but ABPM-04 and ABPM-05 have FDA market clearance as well. Related products: apneABP 24hr blood pressure monitor with sleep apnea functions and card(X)plore 24 hr blood pressure monitor with Holter ECG functions.