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Save money and enhance patient comfort with durable ambulatory blood pressure monitor cuffs!

Textile & easy-cleaning PU leather cuffs

In case of ambulatory blood pressure monitors it is important to make sure that the manufacturer supplies good quality and a full range of cuff sizes. There are many features, inlcuded hygene and patient comfort, that must be taken into consideration. Meditech supplies textile and easy-cleaning BP cuffs.

Key cuff features for ambulatory blood pressure monitors

1. Durability

Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitors are supplied with excellent quality, long-life cuffs, as they are durable enough to carry out up to 10.000 inflations in a pressure environment which is 5 times higher than the maximum 300-mmHg pressure value. These extremely durable cuffs are suitable to carry out blood pressure measurements in the widest variety of clinical settings.

2. Normal, large and small cuff sizes

For accurate readings, selecting the right size of cuff is essential. Meditech offers normal adult, large adult and small cuff sizes for its ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

3. Customizable maximum cuff pressure

Maximum cuff pressure can be set in our software for ambulatory blood pressure monitors to improve hypotensive patients' comfort.

4. Cleanable sleeves

As ambulatory blood pressure monitors are used on multiple patients, cleaning and protection is extremely important, therefore Meditech blood pressure cuffs are supplied with washable sleeves.

5. Latex and neoprene versions

Latex or latex-free (neoprene) cuffs. Neoprene cuffs should be applied if the patient suffers from latex allergies.

Meditech ABPM cuffs

Bladder and Sleeve dimensions

Finding the right cuff size is important for accurate readings. Therefore you need to measure around your upper arm at the midpoint between your shoulder and your elbow. Meditech blood pressure cuff inner bladder and outer sleeve dimensions are:

 textile BP cuff'easy-cleaning' BP cuff
cleaning sleeve: washable sleeve: cleanable with a damp cloth or
disinfectant/detergent wipe
bladder: cleanable
bladder material neoprene or latex latex-free
sleeve material textile PU leather
size S (18-24 cm), M (25-32 cm), L (33-42 cm) M (25-32 cm), L (33-42 cm)
reliability 100% leaktest confirmation
durability more than 10.000 BP measurements