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Meditech - professional ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment & Holter ECG manufacturer

Accurate and reliable cardiovascular monitoring solutions

Meditech has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing PC-based non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment and ECG Holter devices. The small, EU-based customer-focused Hungarian company combines the latest advanced technologies with ease-of-use and simplicity. Therefore Meditech offers simply what you need: excellent quality at reasonable price.

Meditech product-line

1. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment

Long-time blood pressure monitoring equipment for the correct diagnosis and hypertension management.

ABPM-05 ambulatory blood pressure monitor

2. ABPM+ monitors (Combined, multifunctional monitors)

Multifunctional ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment combined with sleep apnea screening (SpO2) or Holter ECG monitoring functions. 

apneABP ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device

3. Holter ECG monitors

Long-time ECG monitoring to analyse heart cycles, HRV, ST and the risk of arrhythmia. To read more on Meditech Holter ECG line, please click here.

4. ECG event recorders

To discover the background of rarely occuring cardiac arrhythmias. 

Meditech advantages

Meditech offers CE marked products with FDA market clearance and an ISO certified quality management system. Whether you encounter the original Meditech brand or the unmistakable quality in an OEM product, you will always be satisfied with Meditech ambulatory blood pressure monitoring equipment or ECG monitors, because our focus is on quality within reach.

Meditech professional ambulatory BP manufacturer 2

Company strenghts

1. Simple-to-use and accurate devices

Meditech has a customer-centered approach, therefore it supplies easy to use a

nd simple to understand ambulatory blood pressure and ECG monitoring equipment with excellent quality and accuracy.

2. High flexibility and customization

Standardization makes life easier, but Meditech is flexible enough to satisfy specific customer needs as well.

3. Satisfied customers worldwide

Meditech has satisfied customers around the globe included medical device distributors, OEM partners, pharmaceutical companies, agents, cardiologists and general practitioners.

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